Returning power to the 99% …

if they want it!


In the infancy of this second millennium, we are seeing the sentiment, size and determination of an increasing myriad of peaceful Resistance Movements growing across the Planet as people begin to take back their power. I believe that future generations will look back at this time and recognise that the myth of 2012 and the sentiment of Magna Carta were somehow inextricably entwined.

The challenges we now face as a species are wholly unprecedented in our history, both in number and their enormity of scale, as we try to accommodate and adapt to Globalisation, Multiculturalism and the rapid explosion of global Technology and Communications supporting the birthing of the Technological Age.

Traditional boundaries that have separated our species, by race, colour, creed and gender are being swept aside, along with the beliefs that have kept them in place for millennia. These very beliefs are now seen to be in a state of paralysis because of a lack of trust from within and outside of the institutions that promote them. Traditional thinking that is taking us to the edge of a financial and social abyss now appears unable to find solutions.

It was Albert Einstein who observed, and this is my interpretation of his wisdom, which I repeat throughout the book, and for which I make no apology:

The thinking that created the problem is incapable of solving it.

If Einstein’s observation is correct, then the time has come for new thinking and leadership to extricate us from our own undoing, and positively move us forward.

The book argues that, only by understanding who and what we are, and how we function as a species, recognising our fallibilities as well as our fabulous talents, can we hope to arrest our current headlong journey to hell in a handcart!

It was this very omission, when drawing up the original Magna Carta all those centuries ago, that has now placed our species back at square one.

Back then, we only addressed the problem (the financial abuse of the 99% by the 1%) and not the cause (human fallibility). By recognising what we are all about, I believe we can break this circle of destruction that has always dogged our species.

I offer Global Magna Carta as a catalyst for creative thought in how we might change our world … and watch the direction we take … or not! JTC

Armed with a greater understanding of how we function, we are capable of constructing a new Moral Code that returns to the people the power they have gradually handed back to our institutions since 1829. Its primary purpose would be to help us better interact with each other and this beautiful Planet, taking us into a whole new world … the world of Global Magna Carta.

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