Returning power to the 99% …

if they want it!

Returning Power to the 99% … If They Want It!

Global Magna Carta supports and encourages the belief that we are capable of creating any world we choose… the history of our species confirms this. Our new technology has now given us (the 99%) the capability to do this more effectively, and at a speed we have never before imagined.

As a part of this natural Evolutionary process we now see the mushrooming of global surveillance by governments upon people, as our traditional institutions try to maintain the old order. However, Evolution is, and always has been immoveable when we try to fight against it.

And so the stage is set for a massive change in the manner in which we live Life on Planet Earth in the future. The 99% have to make that change happen if we are to reverse our current headlong rush to our own self-destruction.


All that is required is for us to want to do it and to change our thinking!

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