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About The Thinking

Whilst I could not accept your conclusion, I enjoyed this read and trying to persuade people to think so differently about things. Like the Core Principles, it’s certainly good to provide the modern day equivalent of what Magna Carta was able to do all those hundreds of years ago!

Some of those sections are very strong (particularly the Core Belief focussing on women’s rights).

And loved the idea of ‘Kestrel consciousness!’

Very best wishes

Jonathon Porritt

About The Project

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Letter from Aung San Suu Kyi

About The Book

  • This book is well researched and thought provoking. The author suggests that it is the human condition (e.g. greed, self-gratification, addiction, prejudices, etc. which are inherent in us all) that could be the cause of the many problems facing the world today. He offers a new way of interacting with our fellow men/women which would change our relationship with our fragile planet, leading to greater peace, harmony and understanding.
  • I would recommend this book to anyone who is questioning the integrity/ability of our leaders, whether political, financial or religious, to manage a world that will be secure for our future generations. (WMM)
  • This book is well written. It has opened my mind up more to what is going on in the world. I have been very disillusioned over the last few decades, wishing that we as the human race could go back to simpler times - and that issues we have to deal with these days could be dealt with in a more considered fashion. Sometimes I feel that the whole world is going mad and that we are on a treadmill of craziness.
  • When is J T Coombes running for President – I would vote for him
  • It is a really easy book to read and very thought-provoking and I have found myself questioning everything I have heard on TV and read in the papers since, even more than before.
  • The book is very easy to read - in well-sized chunks of information - well set out and informal.
  • It's easy to find yourself these days contemplating all that is 'doom and gloom' in the World. I have just finished reading this book and I feel there is 'light at the end of the tunnel'. This author has carefully analysed all that is wrong on this wonderful Planet of ours and offered solutions - many of them quite simple to achieve if everybody pulls together, to reach the same conclusion.
  • This book is well-written and broken down into bite-size chunks, making it easy to digest, but cleverly showing how all these 'chunks' work together for the logical outcome. I liked the style and the format of this book - very easy to read. He uses analogies to make his point clearly and numerous quotations for emphasis.
  • Let's start the ball rolling… (JK)
  • If everyone read this book I think the World would quite quickly become a better place because the author's solutions are simple, sensible and actually not difficult to achieve.
  • I am spreading the word and have already recommended it to many others. If you just read one book this year - make it this one (LT)

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