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In the age of the internet no longer are we at the mercy of the views of any one editor or newspaper proprietor. We can form our own individual opinions with a DIY approach to what is available from all sectors of the media, be they free publications, independent publishers of the traditional press.

Our eyes are being opened to many differing perspectives about what is truly going on in our world today. I believe that we are the richer for this, as we strive to deal with student debt, homelessness, the strangulation of democracy and the increasing wealth of the few at the cost of the growing poverty of the many.

The following are just a few of the articles that have broadened my understanding of the world we live in today and provoked me into asking myself … Am I really comfortable with what is going on, for me and my children?

Have you started asking the same question?

J T Coombes

J T Coombes

Magna Carta works for Tim Berners-Lee

As the 25th anniversary of the world wide web arrives, Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for a ‘Magna Carta’ bill of rights that will protect people from the growing corporate and political abuse highlighted by Edward Snowden and others. His web we want campaign is specifically designed to protect human rights online.

His call again demonstrates the viability of a new Magna Carta, to not only protect web users, but the wider issues of environment, gender equality, global debt and democracy in every area of our lives.

The Secret Rise of 21st Century Democracy

Extract - Wednesday, 20 February 2013 00:00 By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Truthout | News Analysis

(The New York Times) New economies based on greater democratic control, real representation and citizen participation are on the rise. There is much to be learned from countries like Venezuela that break from the Washington Consensus.

If Americans knew the truth about the growth of real democracy in Venezuela and other Latin American countries, we would demand economic democracy and participatory government, which together would threaten the power of concentrated wealth. The seeds of both are beginning to sprout in the US despite efforts to keep Americans ignorant about them. Real democracy creates a huge challenge to the oligarchs and their neoliberal agenda because it is driven by human needs, not corporate greed. That is why major media in the US, which are owned by six corporations, aggressively misinform the public about Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution……

Exploring the Public Bank Option for Scotland

Extract - OpEdNews Op Eds 12/8/2012 at 09:11:19 By Ellen Brown

Scottish independence is now on the table. A bill has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament with the intention of holding a referendum on the issue in 2014.

Arguments against independence include that Scotland's levels of public spending (which are higher than in the rest of the UK) would be difficult to sustain without raising taxes. North Sea oil revenues will eventually decline.

One way budgetary problems might be relieved would be for Scotland to have its own publicly-owned bank, one that served the interests of the Scottish people. True economic sovereignty means having control over the national currency, credit and debt.

The Public Bank Option

It was in that context that I was asked to give a presentation on public banking at RSA Scotland (the Royal Society of Arts) in Edinburgh on November 22nd. Among other attendees were a special adviser and a civil servant from the Scottish government. The presentation was followed by one by public sector consultant Ralph Leishman, Director 4-consulting, who made the public bank option concrete with specific proposals fitting the Scottish context. He suggested that the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) be licensed as a depository bank, on the model of the state-owned Bank of North Dakota. Lively debate followed…

“Exploring the Public Bank Option for Scotland” by Ellen Brown, OpEdNews, 12/8/2012, Reproduced with permission.…

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