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Extract from Global Magna Carta by J T Coombes

The following are people and sources of information whose perceptions about Life have been an inspiration to my thinking over the years. I do not profess to be an expert on their work; indeed, on many occasions a book of 300 pages has yielded just one sentence that has greatly impacted my thinking and added another piece to the jigsaw of my philosophy. With the ageing process encouraging a more erratic memory, I am sure there will be omissions from this list, for which I most sincerely apologise.

People who influenced my thinking: Archimedes • Aristotle • David Attenborough • Marcus Aurelius • Sir Tim Berners-Lee • William Blake • Ellen Hodgson Brown • ‘Capability’ Brown • Winston Churchill • Cicero • Charles Darwin • Richard Dawkins • Charles Dickens • Albert Einstein • Epictetus • Sigmund Freud • Milton Friedman • Ghandi • Edward Gibbon • Friedrich Hayek • Joan of Arc • Helena Kennedy • John F Kennedy • John Maynard Keynes • Aung San Suu Kyi • Abraham Lincoln • James Lovelock • Nelson Mandela • Friedrich Nietzsche • Isaac Newton • Florence Nightingale • George Orwell • Jeremy Paxman • Pythagoras • George Soros • Theodore Roosevelt • Seneca • Adam Smith • Lao Tzu • Voltaire • Neale Donald Walsch • Elizabeth Warren • HRH The Prince of Wales.

People who have entered my Life, either for a few moments or years and, whether they realised it or not, made a huge contribution in helping me to get to know myself better … and to whom I will be eternally grateful: Andy • Ann • Bill • Bob • Charlie • Chris • Dan • Doris • Eric • Jen • JohnC • JohnG • JohnR • Kate • Lee • Margaret • Marylouise • Mike • Nicole • Peter • Richard • Rob • Sue • Tim • Tony • Trev • Wendy & David • Wendy • Winnie

I am grateful to the following organisations for their kind permission to reproduce the following copyright material, none of which would have been possible without the dedicated professionalism of my copyright clearance advisor Rachel Thorne:

The Guardian for an extract from “Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists” by John Vidal, The Guardian, 26 August 2012, copyright © Guardian News and Media Ltd 2012; The Independent for an extract from “British politics at the crossroads: Tory membership plummets over disenchantment with Westminster” by Nigel Morris & Oliver Wright, in The Independent 9th August 2013, © The Independent, 2013,; UNICEF for an extract from the UNICEF Mid-Year Review of 2010 Humanitarian Action Report, “Demographic and Health Survey (EMMUS) VI, 2005–2006”. Reproduced with permission; Optomen Television Ltd for a list of “The New Ten Commandments”, Channel Four News, 2005. Courtesy of Optomen Television; Kiva for company information, Reproduced with kind permission; Audur and Halla Tómasdóttir for information about Audur Capital and Sisters Capital respectively. Reproduced with kind permission; Deniz Kandiyoti for an extract from “Women make up half Not the Church, Not the State? Gender equality in the crossfire” by Deniz Kandiyoti 23 July 2010, Reproduced with permission; and Merco Press for a quote from “Women make up half of the new Bolivian ministerial cabinet” 25 January 2010. Reproduced with permission; and Richard Bater for an extract adapted from “Hope from below: composing the commons in Iceland” by Richard Bater, 1 December 2011, Reproduced with permission.

This is also the appropriate place to pay tribute to James and Sarah, whose mention on the copryright page simply as ‘Typesetting’ and ‘Cover’ does not do justice to their true contribution in helping me bring this work into the public domain.

I have known Sarah for many years and her creative gift never ceases to amaze and inspire me in all I do. James’ previous experience in the publishing world has been the voice of guidance and reassurance that is constantly in the background as I take my first tentative steps into the many diverse activities that are the work of a publisher. I am deeply indebted to both of them.

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