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A New Mind Set

It was the ‘super’ mind of theoretical physicist Albert Einstein who observed (my words) “The thinking that created the problem is quite incapable of solving it”.

We live in a time when we have allowed our financial beliefs to dictate how we live Life on Planet Earth. The problem it is creating is that we are slowly destroying this beautiful Planet and each other. If we continue with financial beliefs that dictate the need for all of our actions to be profitable, then we are incapable of halting the destruction of our world.

For us to solve the problem therefore, we simply need to change the thinking that created it, which will automatically change the way we live.

“This is an impossible task!” might be your first reaction, but nothing is further from the point. As you can discover for yourself.

We already have an abundance of organisations, supported by millions of people around the world who put this beautiful Planet Earth and its Inhabitants before profit. Instead of taking what this Planet offers for free and using it to make profits they use these abundant resources to support and nurture us and the source from whence they came.

The dominant belief here is one of care and sustenance through a mind-set that does not look for instant reward. It really is as simple as that. We can stop our headlong rush to self-destruction by simply promoting this thinking until it becomes our dominant belief.

It’s not rocket science… Each of us do it all the time by intentionally changing for the better how we live our lives! How many have become vegetarians because of a change of mind-set about meat? How many have given up smoking or drinking because of a change of mind-set about how they treat their body? We move our homes, sometimes to a new country, because we want to improve our quality of Life. Whatever the reason for improving our lives, we recognise a problem and create new thinking and a new mind-set to resolve.

If we want to change our world then the impetus for this change is equally simple. By utilising the democratic process the 99% move their support from those supporting our current financial beliefs and place it with those who practise sustenance and nurture of our Planet and each other.

If we wanted to live in a meat free world we would elect vegetarians into power, who would create this new world because of what they thought and believed in. If we want to look after our Planet and each other, then by the same token we would elect people into power who had this mind-set and would enact laws and incentives to create this improved world.

Global Magna Carta offers a catalyst for changing the current world we live in by simply changing the way we think and believe. And we can do it… if we want to!

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